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AIG, -0.39% of M&A claims filed between 2011 and 2015, covering about 1,600 deals and more than $400 billion in deal value. Read also: The 2017 tech shopping spree is upon us The study found that the number and size of insurance claims against M&A deals is rising and the sums being paid out are getting bigger. One in four policies written on deals with a value of more than $1 billion ended in a claim. And 18% of all global representation and warranty (R&W) policies written by AIG resulted in a claim. The bigger and more complicated a deal is, the more likely there is an unknown liability lingering, said Mary Duffy, global head of M&A insurance at AIG. We are paying sizable claims, sometimes writing eight-figure checks in different geographies. The study found that half of all material claims, defined as more than $100,000, were above $1 million. A full 47% were between $1 million and $10 million with an average payout of $3.5 million. Meanwhile, fewer than 7% exceeded $10 million, with an average payout of $22 million. A maturing market mixed with pressure to execute transactions quickly could be a leading factor behind the increase in frequency, said Michael Turnbull, Americas M&A Manager, AIG.

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